Unser Tanzrepertoire

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Ziffern -Tänze

>>1,2,3 Beginner Mambo
>>2 Galway Girls
>>7 Years
>>7 Years For 2 (Couple Dance)


>> A Beautyful Girl
>> A Little Night Club
>> AB Bad Ideas
>> AB Chilly Cha
>> AB Hot Love
>> AB Rumba
>> AB Shape
>> AB Bobbi
>> Absolutely
>> Action
>> After The Storm
>> Agua Y Fuego
>> Ain't No Fool
>> Alfie
>> All Aboard
>> Alligator Shuffle (Couple Dance)
>> Alligator Rock
>> All I Am (For 2) (Couple Dance)
>> All I Can Say
>> All In My Head
>> All Nite Long
>> Amy's NC2
>> Amame
>> An Angel
>> An Underdog
>> Angel In Blue Jeans
>> Angels Green Meadow
>> Another Day, Another Dollar
>> Askin' Questions
>> At The Hop


>> Baby Kisses
>> Bad Bad Lorey Brown
>> Barely Keeping Up
>> Barn Dance (Couple Dance)
>> Be Bob
>> Beer For My Horses
>> Beethoven's Boogie
>> Before
>> Before The Devil
>> Beginner Stroll
>> Better In Boots
>> Beyond Beautiful
>> Big Blue Tree
>> Billy's Dance (Couple Dance)
>> Billy
>> Black Coffee
>> Black Fire (Couple Dance)
>> Black Horse
>> Blue California
>> Blue Night Cha
>> Blue Rose (Couple Dance)
>> Bobbie Sue
>> Boggie
>> Boggie Bear Cha Cha
>> Bosa Nova
>> Boyfriend Of The Year
>> Boys 'Round Here
>> Boys Will Be Boys
>> Brand New Day
>> Bread And Butter
>> Bring On The Good Times
>> Bucket Seats (Couple Dance)
>> Bucket List
>> Butterfly (Couple Dance)
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>> C.C.S
>> Cabo San Lucas
>> CajunSlap
>> California Two (Couple Dance)
>> Call Your Name (Jolene)
>> Canadian Stomp
>> Cannibal Stomp
>> Caught In The Moonlight
>> Champagne Promise
>> Chasing Down A Good Time
>> Chattahoochee
>> Cheek To Cheek
>> Cheerleader
>> Cheeseburger (Couple Dance)
>> Cherokee Boogie
>> Cherry Bomb
>> Chica Boom Boom
>> Chicken Fried Stomp
>> Circle Of Love Train
>> Circle Twenty
>> Cliché Love Song
>> Close To You
>> Closer
>> Coastin'
>> Come As You Are
>> Come Dance With Me
>> Come On And Text Texas
>> Cotten Eyed Joe (Couple Dance)
>> Copperhead Road
>> Corazon Diamante
>> Corn Don't Grow
>> Country 2 Step
>> Country Walkin'
>> Cowboy Cha Cha
>> Cowboy Charleston
>> Cowgirl Dreams
>> Cowgirl's Twist
>> Crazy Foot Mambo
>> Cruisin'
>> Cumbia
>> Cute,Cute,Cute


>>Dancing Shoes (Couple Dance)
>>Dancing Queen
>>Dear Future Hubby
>>Dig Your Heels
>>Dirt Road Dancing
>>Disappearing Tail Lights
>>Do It All Night (Couple Dance)
>>Doctor, Doctor
>>Down On The Corner
>>Dream Lover
>>Drift Away
>>Duck Soup
>>Dueling Dancers
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>> East To West 17
>> El Paso (Couple Dance)
>> (Every) Cotton Pickin' Morning
>> Every Little Thing
>> Everything I Have
>> Expectations
>> Ex's And Oh's


>>Fais Do Do
>>Fake ID
>>Feel The Beat
>>Feeling Hot
>>Feels Like Rock 'N' Roll
>>Flobie Slide
>>Fire It Up
>>Fisher's Hornpipe
>>Fly High
>>Flyin' Sparx
>>Follow Me
>>Forever And Ever
>>Friends For Ten
>>Funky Chickin' Pickin'


>>Galway Girls
>>G.B.T. (God Bless Texas)
>>Get It Right
>>Georgia Peaches
>>Ghost Train
>>Go Cat Go
>>Go Mama Go
>>Go Out Dancing
>>Go Shanty
>>God Blessed Texas
>>Going Back West
>>Good Girls Gone Bad
>>Gold Digger
>>Good Day To Run
>>Good Luck Girl
>>Good Time
>>Groovy Love
>>Grundy Gallop
>>Guitar Dance
>>Gypsy Queen


>>Had A Bad Day
>>Half Past Nothin'
>>Hard Road
>>Hard Work
>>Have A Good Time
>>Heartbreak Express
>>Heart Of Angel
>>Heaven In My Woman's Eyes
>>Heel And Toe Polka (Couple Dance)
>>Hey Brother
>>Hey! Baby I Wanna Know
>>Hey Girl
>>Hey Ho
>>Hitch 'n Pitch
>>Holiday Countdown
>>Holly's Church
>>Homesick (Couple Dance)
>>Homeward Bound
>>Hudson Valley Cha (Couple Dance)
>>Human After All
>>Hurts Like A Cha Cha

------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>>I Close My Eyes
>>I Got It Easy
>>I Hope You Find It
>>I Love A Rainy Night
>>I Missed You
>>I Ride A Horse
>>I See Me
>>I Stuck On You
>>I Wanna Love Again
>>I Will Try
>>I Will Dance
>>If I Was A Single Man
>>If Looks Could Kill
>>Irish Stew
>>It's Your World
>>I've Been Waiting For You


>>Jacob's Ladder
>>Jailhouse Creole
>>Jubilee Stroll (Couple Dance)
>>Just A Lovesong (Little Wedding Dance)
>>Just Add Moonlight


>>Keep It Simple
>>Kid Rock Alabama
>>Kill The Spiders
>>Knee Deep
>>Knock Knock


>>Land Of Dreams
>>Last Night's Dance
>>Leaving Of Liverpool
>>Little Bit Of Everything
>>Let It Be
>>Lindi Shuffle
>>Little Black Book (Couple Dance)
>>Litte Liza Jane
>>Little Red Book
>>Locklin's Bar
>>Lord Of The Dance
>>Lonely Drum
>>Long Long Way (Couple Dance)
>>Lorrie's Dance (Couple Dance)
>>Lost In the Shuffle
>>Louisiana Swing
>>Love And Deams
>>Love My Life
>>Lover Please Come Back (Couple Dance)
>>Love's Gonna Make It (Couple Dance)
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>>Meregue Espana
>>Make A Start
>>Mambo Santa Mambo
>>Mamma Maria
>>Marino Waltz
>>Majestic (Ma-Yestic)
>>Maroon Sugar
>>Marty Strut
>>Mary Mary
>>Maybe I Could
>>Mess Around
>>Mexican Cantina
>>Mexican Wind (Couple Dance)
>>Monterey Mama
>>Move In The Right Direction
>>My Lollipop
>>My New Life


>>Nancy Mulligan
>>Neon Moon
>>New Flame
>>New York 2 LA
>>Never Ever
>>Nostalgic Saturday Night
>>Nothing But You
>>No Roots
>>Not Fair


>>Old Flames (Viennese Waltz)
>>On A Roll
>>On To Something Good


>>Paddy's Choir
>>People Are Crazy
>>Picnic Polka
>>Power Over Me


>>Keine Tänze
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>>Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
>>Red Hot Salsa
>>Red Sun Kisses The Sea
>>Rhumba & Roses
>>Rhyme Or Reason
>>Rock & Roll Run (Couple Dance)
>>Rock & Roll Waltz(Couple Dance)
>>Rocket To The Sun
>>Rodeo Man' Wife (Couple Dance)
>>Roll In The Hay
>>Rose From The Sea
>>Rose Garden
>>Rufus (Couple Dance)
>>Rumba In Line (Couple Dance)


>>Sailor Dance
>>Save The Day
>>Schlumpfen Cowboy Joe
>>Scrap It
>>Second Hand Heart
>>Secret Chord
>>Shadow (Couple Dance)
>>Shake It For Me
>>Shakin Mix
>>Side By Side
>>Siedlertanz (Couple Dance)
>>Silver & Gold
>>Singin' The Song
>>Sixteen Step (Couple Dance)
>>Skiffle Time
>>Slamming Doors
>>Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)
>>Slow Rain (Couple Dance)
>>Smokey Places
>>So Am I
>>So Just Dance Dance Dance!
>>So Wake Me Up
>>Something In The Water
>>Something You Love
>>South Side Shuffle
>>Southern Delight
>>Spring Breakdown
>>Spring Swing (Couple Dance)
>>Stay Stay Stay
>>Sticks And Stones
>>Still In Love
>>Stomp(ing) It Out
>>Stray Cat Strut
>>Strong Bounds
>>Sugar & Pai
>>Sugar How Get You So Fly
>>Suite 16
>>Summer Fly
>>Suzanna Suzanna (Couble Dance)
>>Sway (Couple Dance)
>>Sweet Caroline
>>Sweet Delight (Couple Dance)
>>Sweet Pea
>>Swingin' Thing
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>>Take Me To The River
>>Take The Road Less Travelled
>>Tango With The Sheriff
>>Tap & Go
>>Temple Bar (Come On Down)
>>Tennessee Waltz Surprise
>>Texas Clogger
>>Texas Hero
>>Texas Stomp
>>Thank You
>>That's Where I'll Be
>>The Boat To Liverpool
>>The Bomp
>>The Blarney Roses
>>The Bremer
>>The Edge Of Glory
>>The Cowboydance
>>The Flute
>>The Gambler
>>The Queen
>>The Storm
>>The One
>>The World
>>There's A Reason
>>This Is Me
>>Ticket To Heaven
>>Travelin' Band
>>Travelin' Soldier
>>Triple Cross (Couple Dance)
>>Truck A Truck
>>Tush Push


>>Unchained Melody
>>Un Mundo Verdadero
>>Unter The Sun
>>Until The Dawn


>>V8 Town
>>Vamos A La Playa
>>Vanessas Dance
>>Vanotek Cha
>>Victory Shout!
>>Viva La Vita (Couple Dance)
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang


>>Wagon Wheel Rock
>>Wake Me Up And Stay
>>Walkin' Backwards
>>Waltz Across Texas
>>Wandering Hearts
>>Watermelon Crawl
>>Wave On Wave
>>Waves Of Love
>>We Are Tonight
>>We Only Live Once
>>When It Rains
>>Where We' ve Been
>>Whiskey's Gone
>>White Rose
>>Whole Again
>>Wishful Thinking
>>Woman Amen
>>Women Trouble
>>Wolly Bully


>>Keine Tänze


>>Yeeeee Haaaaa
>>You're My Miracle
>>You Are The Reason
>>You Got That Thang
>>Young Forever
>>Your World


>>Život Nije Siv (Life Is Not Gray)
>>Zjozzys Funk
------------------------------------------------------------>>Zum Anfang



>>Paddy's Choir
>>People Are Crazy
>>Picnic Polka
>>Power Over Me